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African Combat, Rhodesian Forces ATO/CIM last one

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African Combat, Rhodesian Forces ATO/CIM  last one
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This is an extremely hard book to source
African Combat, Rhodesian Forces Anti Terrorist Operations Counter Insurgency Manuals.

Paperback, 455 Pages, A4 This is a heavy book weighing in just over 1.50kg. NOTE done on a very small run, stock is extremely low

Contains Restricted material from the Rhodesian Security Forces.

Preface- Anti terrorist operations (ATOPS) are fought on a wide front. The army forces,various government departments and the civilian population all have a role to play. In implementing the anti-terrorist action contained herein, members of the army forces must appreciate the vital need for cooperation and the under-standing of each other's characteristics and capabilities.

ATOPS warfare probably places a greater burden of responsibility on the individual than does any other form of conflict. It connotes small groups and light scales. Catch-words are thorough training, self-discipline,skill at arms,initiative,guile,endurance and above all, the will to win.

Chapters 1-14. General Elements. Command and Control. Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence. Employment of Forces. Types of Operations. Foot Patrols. Tracking. Follow -Up Operations. Attacks on Terrorist Camps. Sweeps. Defence/Protection of Sensitive points. Movement Security. Mines and Booby Traps.

Bonus sections - C (Rhodesian) Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment and The Selous Scouts Training Troop. - Training wing, Basic Tracking, Follow up Operations.

Reprinted manuals now formated into book format- a must for those in those in the security forces and those with interest in Rhodesia ,Southern Africa. 455 large format book, 1.5kg shipping weight

African Merc Combat Manual - Chapters on- Commando Rules for Battle. Commando External Raids. Profile of the Terrorist aim. Principles of Coin Warfare. Commando Base Fighting Positions. Oberservation Methods. Pseudo Terrorist Gangs. Tracking and Countertracking. Basic Ground/Air Emergency Signals. Medical Aid. Employment Possibilities. International Law and the Mercenary. African Travel Guide.

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